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Core Purpose (Mission Statement)

Provide the best eyecare and eyewear for each

patient in the friendliest manner

Guiding Principles

  1. Provide the best care and products that we can for each patient.
  2. Treat all patients and other staff in the friendliest manner, like we would a VIP, our own family,  or our best friends.
  3. Keep care and products as affordable as possible without sacrificing what's best for the patient.  
  4. Provide services and products with as little inconvenience to patients as possible.


Core Values of Our Ownership

  1. Integrity, honor, Guiding Principles, and Core Purpose come before profits, personal convenience, or personal gain
  2. Patients and staff are treated as we would treat our own family or best friends.
  3. Staff members deserve an enjoyable working environment where they feel safe, respected, cared for, and appreciated for their efforts and ingenuity.
  4. Continual increase in staff knowledge and skills increases our value to others and our ability to bring happiness to others.